On behalf of the 2020 Conference Sub-Committee I would like to welcome you to our Conference Website where you will find up to date information about conference matters and be able to make contact with us if you wish.

Our Sub-Committee is made up of ten members of the Newcastle Family History Society and two members of Maitland & Beyond Family History.

We are working hard to bring you a conference worthy of the traditions and excellence of past State Conferences.

History of Newcastle

Newcastle became a place of secondary transportation when it was deemed necessary to isolate many convicts who were unruly or had offended for a second time. The area had been discovered quite early during settlement & identified as a repository of necessary resources which could be tapped. These resources could be obtained with convict labour and ships carrying convicts to the port could return to Sydney with much sought after items such as cedar, lime, and coal.

Our video shows how early Newcastle might have looked to those arriving in the port in those early days.

Mel Woodford
Conference Convenor

Video used with kind permission of Charles Martin and Hunter Living Histories

We look forward to seeing you at the conference