As our 2020 State Conference venue (Wests New Lambton) no longer hosts large events, the 2022 Conference Committee has been investigating several possible alternatives. Although we identified three suitable venues in the Newcastle area, we discovered that prices had risen considerably in the past twelve months. We had paid $2000 as our venue deposit in 2020, we were now being asked for $8000 – $9000. We decided to look a little further afield.

The 2022 Conference Committee also had concerns about the possible ongoing Covid-related restrictions which might occur next year and just how confident potential Conference Delegates might be about travelling to the Newcastle area for three days.

Coupled with this, the success of the 2021 Port Macquarie Virtual Conference led us to believe that there will be a good proportion of potential conference-goers who will be keen to register for another virtual event.

All things considered, we have come up with a plan. We hope that you will appreciate our reasoning. The 2022 State Conference will be a wonderful event to look forward to next year. Newcastle Family History Society and Maitland & Beyond Family History are certainly excited about hosting it.

The Conference will run all day Friday, 16 September and Saturday, 17 September. An online trade fair will run concurrently for the 3 days as it did at the 2021 conference. On Sunday, 18 September, a one-day local Trade Fair will take place in the extensive grounds of the Barracks. A BBQ will be available for a very reasonable price at lunchtime as well as morning and afternoon teas.

For those attending the Conference there will still be online raffles, a virtual Trade Fair and a ‘Goody Bag’ much the same as last year – no-one will miss out!

We look forward to your participation at the 37th Annual State Conference.

Mel Woodford
Conference Convenor

We look forward to seeing you at the conference